About SAT vs ACT Predictor.

The SAT vs ACT Predictor consists of eight sections, with each section accurately representing the types of passages, questions, difficulty levels, and answers found on either an SAT or an ACT section. Each section is between 15 and 30 minutes long and contains the number of questions needed to simulate the pace required on each exam. There are total of 186 questions. Two five-minute breaks are suggested as well.

How do I buy a test?

  1. You can create the account and buy the test on the “Buy Test” page.
  2. For a limited time offer every day, the first five students can take the test for free.
  3. You can select the option of “Test for students” or “Test for tutors” to purchase the test.
  4. Once you purchase the test you will be taken to the Socrato welcome page.

What do my scores mean?

The diagnostic is not necessarily a prediction of how you will score on the ACT or SAT, but is, instead, designed to highlight whether a student is better suited for one exam over the other. Your predicted SAT score may be lower or higher than your predicted ACT score but you should focus on how your individual section scores compare across the two exams, and also take into account your experience as you work through the entire exam.

I just finished test. Where are the diagnostic report?

The answers and complete solutions for every question can be downloaded. Make sure to only view these after you have finished the exam.

How long is SAT vs ACT test?

The entire test takes 186 minutes (i.e. 3 hours and 6 minutes).

How to take the test?

You can take the in either a paper and pencil mode or in an online mode. We recommend the paper and pencil mode. In the paper and pencil mode you can download the test and process the results in the Socrato system.

Do I have need a Socato account?

No. Just click here then sign up and login with your new account.

What is included in diagnostic report?

First, it predicts which test – SAT or ACT – is best for you.

Second, the test highlights your strengths and weaknesses in both tests.

Third, the report includes a corresponding national percentile for each test.

Finally, the report also includes additional analyses pertaining to response selections, difficulty level and other measures.

When should I take this test?

We recommend taking this test in 11th grade before the start of actual test preparation.

Why should I take this test?

  • This test will predict whether your are likely to score higher on the SAT or ACT.
  • This test will tell you whether the SAT or ACT is better suited to you and your test-taking abilities.

Is there any offer available?

Yes, for a limited time offer, first five direct students every day can take the test for free.