SAT vs ACT Predictor Overview

SAT vs ACT Predictor TestInstant SAT vs ACT Diagnostic Report Quick Online Single/Bulk Processing

The SAT vs ACT Predictor Test

Identifies Whether You're Stronger on the SAT or ACT Gives You First-Hand Experience on Both Exams

First Step in Successful Test Preparation


Take Test Online or Download PDF and Take Paper TestGet Instant Diagnostic Report

Tutors/Educational Consultants

Assign Test Online Process Answers Batch or Single Students Online through Excel Upload Bulk Process Scanned Bubble Sheets Instantly Generate Reports

SAT vs ACT Predictor Test Report

Indicates Which Test is Better for YOUProvides Exam and Subject Score Comparison Provides Exam Level Percentile

SAT vs ACT Predictor Test Report

Pinpoints the Topics and Concepts that Need Attention Performance by DifficultyAnswer AnalysisTopic Analysis

Should you focus on the SAT or ACT?

Discover which exam best suits you.


Why Take SAT vs ACT Comparison Test?

  • Discover which test is more aligned with your learning style.
  • Invest effort in better-aligned test and get higher scores.
  • Increase chances of gaining admission into student’s top choice college.


All About Socrato SAT vs ACT Predictor Test?

  • Available online and on paper.
  • 3 hours and 6 minutes test to get insights for both SAT & ACT exam.
  • Instant results plus strength and weakness diagnostic per subject topic.
  • Made by SAT and ACT Test prep experts.


SAT vs ACT Predictor Test for Students.

  • About 1/3 of all students are stronger in one test.
  • Take anytime during high school.
  • Create custom study plan for topics based on diagnostic analysis.
  • Eliminate need for costly and time consuming prep.

SAT vs ACT Predictor Test for Tutors/Consultants/Schools.

  • Find the preferred test for student’s learning style.
  • Pinpoint student’s subject/topics strength and weaknesses.
  • Create custom study plan for each student.
  • Easily group students based on similar strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get the most out of student effort.