ACT vs SAT Predictor Overview

ACT vs SAT Predictor TestInstant ACT vs SAT Diagnostic Report Quick Online Single/Bulk Processing

The SAT/ACT Predictor Test

Identifies Whether You're Stronger on the SAT or ACT Gives You First-Hand Experience on Both Exams

First Step in Preparing Successfully


Process Answers Online Take Paper-Pencil Test Process Scanned Bubble Sheet

Tutors/Educational Consultant

Assign Test Online Process Answers Batch or Single Students Online through Excel Upload Bulk Process Scanned Bubble Sheets Instantly Generate Report

ACT/SAT Predictor Report

Provide Which Test is Better for YouProvides Exam and Subject Score Comparison Provides Exam Level Percentile

ACT/SAT Predictor Report

Pinpoints the Topics and Concepts that Need Attention Performance by DifficultyAnswer AnalysisTopic Analysis

Should you focus on SAT or ACT ?

Find out from the  ACT vs SAT Predictor

  • Take Test online or Paper Pencil.
  • Instant Test recommendation.
  • Detail analysis diagnostic  Report.
  • Find out weakness and strengths Exam level, Subject level and Topic level.